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Originally Posted by lew View Post
I wonder of a linear compensator like a Noveske KX-3 (hell, what about a suppressor) would add enough back pressure to provide the additional gas volume required for function.

thats a tough call, he already chopped the original threads from the muzzle making it even shorter, if he would have gone w/ the Noveske KX-3 Flaming Pig or the PWS CQB right away he might have got it to function, your suggestion of a suppressor may be his only route otherwise he should just have a 16" barrel installed and get back on track

I have both the Noveske KX-3 Flaming Pig on a PWS MK109 (9" barrel) chambered in .300 blackout and also the PWS CQB on a PWS MK107 Diablo (7.5" barrel) chambered in 5.56 Nato both do a good job of keeping enough pressure to ensure full function

and for the OP, welcome, we are always glad to hear from across the pond in Europe, its good to hear that some there are not afraid to own guns
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