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The problems you've encountered have everything to do with the lack of available gas pressure to function the rifle....and the reason DSA doesn't build them shorter than 13".

When you removed that 2" of barrel, you effectively diminished the available gas pressure by about 66%. And adding that Gawd awful blast enhancer up front only compounded the problem. Damn near all your gas pressure is going out the barrel. I'm surprised the carrier even moves at all.

The amount of time a bullet stays in the barrel Past, the gas block/port is referred to as "Dwell time". The bullet being in the barrel After the port has everything to do with the amount of gas pressure to Push back on the gas piston to function the action. Again, when you cut the barrel, and added the muzzle device, you killed the performance.

I don't recall the gas port size DSA uses for that front end, but you can try opening it a bit to see if that helps. Be advised that enlarging the port past .120 is NOT a good idea.

Changing that blast enhancer for something longer to help keep more pressure in the barrel would be where I would start first. I know its not the Look your going for, but at least the rifle may actually function...Good luck.

And for GOD sakes, put down the damn Dremel! Your only compounding the issue.
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