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New DSA SA58 Para 11" and encountered problems


I bought last year a DSA SA58 Para 13". I removed the soldered flash hider and I changed it by a customized one after having cut it of 1" inch to make a new thread. The thread used by DSA is not common in Europe. I added a picatinny handguard and a mount scope on it. For your information a brand new SA58 in France is 4200€ + 700€ for the handguard and the mount scope.

Since the beginning I have problems, the most common one is I have jams, despite the gas system setting. Impossible to shot a complete magazine.

I shot 200 / 300 rounds for now and the other problem is that the ammos don't chamber properly. First, two out of three when I engage the magazine ( original SA or FN ) the ammo " lift up " :

( The bolt wasn't present in the rifle )

The other problem is when the ammo doesn't lift up, it doesn't chamber, the head of the ammo is blocked against the beginning of the chamber, you can see the 2 spots here :

The original magazine is on the left and the two FNs are on the right :

Last problem is my extracteur " broke " and I had to replace it by an original FN extractor :

The problem is the following : When the gas system is too permissiv the rifle doesn't work properly, but when I close it, the pression is too high and the extractor is ejected ( the bolt doesn't have any sign of failure ).

My questions are :

- Can I use a dremel to modify the chamber so the heads of ammos don't block against but are righlty directed ?
- How can I solve my problem of " lifted up " ammo ?
- How can I solve my problem of gas system ? Is there any existing bolt spring for SBR Fals ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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