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Are FAL's simply destroying cheap scopes, and getting a poor rep for accuracy?

How can they be among the worst guns for accuracy, only followed by an AK, or shot out Mauser?

After their initial firing recoil, the FAL bolt slams reward, hits the recoil shield, followed by the 3rd hit, of slamming a round into the chamber; just like like the G3 and M-14. Harmonics, recoil and shock are not recipes for accuracy or scope life.

I can now see how they might be affecting a scope and its mount, unlike an AR.

Bolt actions like the new Ruger Precision bolt, only have to handle recoil.

Anyone actually use a top line scope and mount, (if such a mount exists) recently on a FAL?
I have no scopes on my FAL's and rely upon the irons.

I may try a 10x SWFA, on a DSA mt I have.
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