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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
The CETME/HK type rifle can be mild or harsh on recoil depending on how the bolt-gap is set, and depending on whether the rifle has been otherwise altered.

I've owned a couple, and neither had recoil any worse than any other semi-auto of similar caliber and weight.

I don't care for the CETME/HK design for various reasons. Inherent issues with recoil is not among the reasons I don't like the model.

Its a matter of assembly, not an issue of design.
This is interesting info. In years past, I owned two Hk 91s, both seemed to me to have noticeably more recoil than either the M1A or the FAL. Felt recoil can be very subjective, but friends who shot all three rifles seemed to agree. In any event, it was one of the reasons I ditched the Hks and never looked back. I personally think the FAL is pretty gentle, but that might just be a function of how the rifle "fits" me.

I would wonder if setting the gas too high would affect the scope, since there would be the additional shock of the B&C striking the recoils plate. I would presume that TR would have the FAL adjusted properly, but who knows ?

And 10x on a FAL ? To each his own, but I see no earthly reason for 10x on a FAL other than maybe just for shits 'n grins.
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