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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
If you have family that gives onefuck about your gun collection, then you should stock up.

I've owned 7 different 1911-pattern guns. Whatever "fun" there is about shooting a large single-stack handgun that throws brass at me, I've already had. I would just be storing it for some stranger.

I've already spent enough of my life trying to get 1911's to not throw brass at me. I'm done with that project. I believe it can be done if you "tune" the gun to shoot one specific load for one specific shooter. I do still like watching the ladies shoot them though. Always good for chuckle.

If you get one, I really do hope you enjoy it. I know I sound like a killjoy. I've been collecting gun stuff for almost 40 years now. If I go to the range three times a month for the rest of my life, I've got about 1000 range trips left in me. But, realistically probably not nearly that many. I only made it to the range once this month, and it looks like I'm running out of time to meet my quota. Its at once disappointing, and liberating, when you know how the movie is going to end. Easier to make decisions now that used to be harder to make.
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Originally Posted by Tuscan Raider View Post
I was in the Army at the tail end of the 80's. We were a front line
combat unit in southern Germany. We still had .45's issued to us.
They were rattle traps 30 years ago.

It's funny so many people want to buy a shot out pistol that
probably has little historical value after the 20 armory rebuilds.

And the triple background check from CMP is silly.
I've owned a couple of them "Rattle traps" myself, a Remington and a Colt. Both beat to crap...probably should have kept the Colt..
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