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Originally Posted by Jaxxas View Post

At this point I don't go to the range, just to save ammo!
Yeh, I was thinking the same thing. Go buy a bunch of 22 to shoot and
hold on to the big stuff. WRONG! I couldn't find any 22 to buy. 10
different stores, no 22,s. The same situation could happen with any
desired commodity. During preparation for hurricane Gustav, I set out
to buy a few loaves of bread. This is 2 days before the hurricane even hit.
I went to my local grocery and the shelves were empty. I went to 3 other
stores, including a Walmart Super Center, and they were all out.
I waited untill the next day to look again. Deliveries had been made that morning,
all bread was gone by 8am. I looked at 3 or 4 other stores, same story.
I finally bought 5 pounds of bread flour and made my own. I learned a
good lesson though.
The winds had not even blown and the shelves were bare!
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