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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
DSA has sold excellent receivers in the past. Their choice to allow poorer quality out the door today is one of character as much as ability. LMT, the previous subcontractor, had both.

I've seen no issues with the Aussie receivers. DSA receivers are only "poor" when compared to previous DSA receivers. The newer "poor" receivers are still as good or better than anything else on the US market. Coonans are a bit better dimensionally, but not as good cosmetically.

Most problems with DSA parts are at least consistent - so once I am aware of something like the cut in the selector, I can adjust it during the build.

Agreed for the most part. The sad part is that issues like the selector cut that are easy to "fix" shouldn't need to be fixed by the builder. The manufacturer should have caught it and pulled them out of inventory until they were redesigned or repaired. Evidently DSA is still shipping bad parts KNOWING there are problems or we wouldn't be constantly reading about it here. When you go to the local Chevrolet dealership to buy an oil filter for your truck you don't accept the fact that you might have to rethread the hole before it will screw on do you ? How about when it's time for another oil change & you go back 6 months later and that filter is out of spec as well ? Their "rep" refuses to address these questions and bails on us instead.. You did read his post where he threw a hissy fit and told us all he was going over to ARFcom where the members aren't "allowed" to trash vendors didn't you ? Not that there are ANY actual paying vendors left here anyway unless I'm mistaken. It was a pretty damned disgraceful way to make an exit if ya ask me. Whether there are 65k members here or 50.. I'm sure Jen has the ability to guage how many ACTIVE members pop in here during the course of a given week and I'm betting it's quite a few (surely not 65k though). I respectfully dissagree with Lee that she has intentionally created any fake usernames to make it appear there are more members than there really are. What's more likely is simply that there are thousands of people who popped in here once or twice over the years out of curiosity or even accidently, and never returned. Those usernames and falaholic numbers will, of course, still be on the books. However, FAL rifles & parts remain one of the mainstays of DSA's business and THIS place is the foremost FAL related website in the world no matter how many active members we have. Sure seems to me that no matter what the actual numbers are that DSA has shot themselves in the foot bigtime with the members here. How many times lately have you read a post from a FNG that starts out with "I was going to order an XYZ from DSA until I read some of the reviews here" ? It's my humble opinion that the ONLY way to repair the damage that's been done would be for a completely new DSA rep to make an appearance, apologise for the poor behaviour of the previous guy, AND make every effort to honestly address the issues people here are concerned with. Then keep that attitude for as long as it takes to reverse the damage that's been done by the last guy even if it takes a long while. The old saying about doing the right thing & nobody tells a soul but do me wrong once & the whole world will hear about it applies here in spades. Confidence will not return overnight. There comes a time with some companies when the only way to reverse a bad reputation is with a sign that says "under new management" This may be one of those times..
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