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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
Blaming the caller for the shooting does not stand to reason/logic. It is irrelevant. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. It is the same as claiming that a dead squirrel in the road caused someone to die in a vehicle accident.

The argument is this:

Since a douche-bag calling the police was followed by an innocent person getting shot by the police, the innocent person getting shot by the police must have been caused by the douche-bag calling the police.

That is a logical fallacy.

False/fake police reports are nothing new. We should expect those to happen. We are trained for it.

Yes, it a crime to call 911 and report a false claim.

However, officers should establish the validity of a 911 call before exercising deadly force.

I am all for officer safety, my life depends on it. However, I would give up an officer to prevent an innocent person from being indiscriminately killed by an officer.

I think that is something that has gotten lost. We have become more focused on "every officer goes home" than protecting our wards. Protecting the innocent requires the willingness to lay down your life. That should include giving suspects the benefit of the doubt.

We are all going to die. I can't imagine going out knowing I killed the wrong person.
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