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Long before any disaster strikes, a person should sit down and think about their situation responses to a potential disaster. Right now, tonight, people should be thinking about what they will do if:

Flooding occurs in their area.

An earthquake hits in their area.

What about a bad snowstorm?

If a nuclear reactor releases radioactive contamination into the air near where they live.

Where could they go for help, shelter and a place to stay?

What route of travel would they take to get to their survival location?

What supplies would they need to make their journey by car/vehicle? On foot? By alternate means of transportation like a bicycle?

How much money would they need/take with them?

What about tenting material for the trip? Would you need some or not?

Are you up to date on emergency medical procedures?

Do you have a contact point or plan for family members not present if or when the disaster strikes?

Have you taken any classes from FEMA and the different disasters that they have identified? or

There are also courses from the American Red Cross too.

But the key is plan ahead NOW before a disaster approaches your area.
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