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Originally Posted by martin35 View Post
Your right to attend any public function should transcend the right of others to expect a secure environment is what I'm hearing,,, they should take their chances for your convenience.
When my active fighting for your rights was done in 1953 it was the rest of you weak sisters who dropped the ball if all you did was complain and cast aspersions ,,, like now.

Which of our rights were you fighting for?

You think we are safer with the TSA searching everyone?If TSA people can steal cameras/laptops/etc,they sure as heel could plant a small explosive device as well.

I get that you are pro State/big government,I just don't get how you think they are actually keeping you safe.If they had done their job in the first place as far as immigrants/visas,these guys would not have been in the country to commit hijackings with boxcutters.
Luckily they have secured the borders and there is no way any terrorists could possibly get into the country.

The job of the State is to grow and accumulate power,while blowing smoke up your ass about it being for your safety and security.Too many enjoy that smoke.
Anything not under government control is,by definition,out of control.

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

When is it time to pick up your rifle?
When your conscience cannot abide to see it unused.
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