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Originally Posted by meltblown View Post
I've done the same. Shot over the back of a deer at 125 yds or so. I still think I wasn't holding the rifle tight enough when I was resting it and let the muzzle flip. Had my scope set on 5x and had the scope full of deer. Saw a splash on the other side which I thought was a pass through too. I just damn missed as I was overconfident from banging an 8 point the day before
I missed a black bear like that. It was probably 20 yards away. I know I shot right over his back. I shot, he (she) kind of hunched down, and then ran like hell, never to be seen again. I couldn't believe I missed at that close range. So my excuses are it was my dad's rifle and I was in a crappy stand....LOL...still pisses me off that I missed a bear the first year I went hunting for one. I hunted several more times and never got a shot. They were coming into the bait at night I think but this was the years before trail cameras...although I did have trail timers using fine thread....remember those..pain in the A$$ but they did serve their purpose....

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