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Shooter at Texas church sure didn't count on a pair of Hillbillies to be at store across street with AR 15 when he came strolling out of the church then even when got mobile to follow and continue putting rounds through his door. If a few more events would play out in similar fashion, maybe before victim count went so high the truck rifle might come into popularity with the more average Joe's.

I have the rifle in lock behind seat, day pack in passenger floorboard with 22 magnum wheelgun and 250 rounds of 22 Mag along with food, water, compass, filter, radio and other critical "bug home" items if forced to walk back to house in bad situation. Also keep three of the 120 round boxes of 5.56 green tip in truck to top off mags if ran dry. Since wear Level II soft armor every day with Dyneema special threat plate have a basic plate carrier over passenger seat back that has a pair of 11"13" Level 3++ Dyneema plates.

Am 95% alone in truck now so room is not an issue. If friend or part timer goes on road with me they are used to helping remove the extra rifleof the day, extra plate carrier and that a front opening military style vest is the seat cover for passenger seat and know where I keep my spare handcuff key stashed in case they need to access rifle. The backpack comes out as well but armored briefcase with suppressed SIG rides under their legs. So my passenger can armor up and arm themselves if necessary and when alone the extra rifle , plate carrier and backpack are just like a good friend or dog that goes with me most everywhere. Suggest a paging alarm if carry all the crap I do just in case out of sight of vehicle.
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