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"Super cool old gun".

Well of course you need that old Remy 11, go get that thing!
It will never be worth anything, but what does that have to do with a gunny project?

My old "super cool" shotgun is a Sears Model 20 pump that turned out to be made by High Standard's version of a Win M 12 back in the day when craftsmanship was in vogue and plastic and alloy were nearly unheard of. Paid $175 for the Pogue and just hope nothing breaks.

I would try finding a replacement Bolt before committing to buy if it were me. The Buffer Pad is a "Fiber Washer"? that could likely be homemade if not available.

There was a Tech Manual, TM 9-285, covering this and other Shotty's used by the gov't. at the time. It's pretty old, 1942 or thereabout, but maybe reprints are to be found, if not, Steve's pages might have it.

Good luck.
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