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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Really not much of a Hebrew thing G1

mostly again Sumarian

off the top of my head she was one of the host assigned to Adama as a companion, a task she rebelled against.
Seem to recall some texts that claim Enil transformed her into a Serpent as punishment.
yeah the same one who later tempted Eve to eat the fruit of Knowledge

wanna know why Man was booted from Eden ?
read your Bible, real clear
it was to prevent Adama from the fruit of life and thus becoming as G-d
yes, but the point is that Lilith was one of the wives/concubines of YHWH, after the first wife, Asherah--

Asherah and Lilith were not "women", they were "outsiders" (Lilith was supposed to be the offspring of demon/human/spiritual hybrids) and Lilth decided she wanted to screw with Adama to get that sweet cock, and she produced many white skinned red haired offspring from that union (some were the "giant"/human hybrids, like goliath for example), but then Lilith got bored with adama, and bailed out on him, so adama needed a new wife, so YHWH captured a slave girl from a hostile tribe, and instead of impregnating Eve himself as usual custom, he gave Eve to Adama.

The canonical distinction between Lilith and Eve is that Eve was a virgin girl, untouched and therefore "pure", "holy", "uncorrupted", only adama got to tap that honey pot.

the jews of course later say that YHWH killed Lilith and wiped out all her offspring, conveniently eliminating worries about "competition" to their fake legal claim of exclusive divine blood lineage. This is really important because without that fake claim to divine blood lineage, hebrewism is just another dirt cult.

obviously this is merely fairy tales retold and perpetuated to legitimize the tribal practices of the time, a PR campaign:
tribal warfare was not just about rustling goats, but also killing the men of the other tribe, and enslaving the boys and the female children, to be distributed as recreational/breeding stock. Nowadays that has morphed into Zionism.

Same shit as still goes on today pretty much. The muzzies are just better at it.
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