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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
well Ali, yeah sure some of this has been eliminated from the Hebrew faith just as Rome washed away a Human Jesus
just saying over time custom changes.

The removal of our foreskin is seen as dick snipping by Goyim
again it had nothing to do with anything other than health of the tribes

Yeah no Jews prior to Abraham
sort of...

That family was exiled from Ur
we can argue the whys but the important item is at what point after you are kicked out of a community should one be allowed to declare a unique ethnic idendity ?

in short what was the "Jewish" ethnicity once booted from Ur...
I would venture to say they remained Chaldean, more broadly Mesopotamian and that "Jewish" is an artifical construct.

ya know, legend is Abraham's heresy was elevating one of the Sumarian G-ds over the recognized head deity.
That culture maintained brother G-ds
you had Enil, a celestial G-d and his brother Eniki
Eniki was the creator G-d who made Man
under their myths after members of the host started screwing human females Enil made the decision to wipe this rock clean of us. He tried it a number of times, all failures as his brother Eniki intervened.
finally Enil decides to wipe Earth with a massive deluge. Again Eniki saves some of mankind but ends up busted by brother.

Due to this Enil casts brother down to Earth, maroons him here
Sumaria worshipped the creator deity Eniki
Abraham worshipped that nasty other guy.

There are similar ancient traditions
the legend of Promtheus who so loved Man he gave us fire
he too was cast down

In Norway you had Baldar, another cast down

just a bunch of others in ancient tradition

The comical part with Abraham is under the faiths of his people, he became a Devil Worshipper. Yeah his G-d was the asshole who sought to destroy mankind rather than the cast down brother Eniki, the actual creator of our species.

In the gradual evolution that creator becomes Satan & Enil the true G-d of all

I am seriously a skeptic of myth
that said I often do wonder whether the three great faiths are actually following the wrong deity
now would be a good time to ask -- what happened to Lilith and her offspring?

as for abram getting outlawed, well he played one too many games of "Burny Burny Cut Cut" with the kids--

"if you cannot trust people with freedom, then how can you trust people with power?" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

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