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Originally Posted by RG Coburn View Post
Your house,your rules....
In this case,the cop obviously let down his guard enough that a child could gain access to his firearm,even though holstered. I maintain my distance from cops.Their "safe zone". I tell my kids the same thing. If the cop has to bolt off to a call or something,leave them room to maneuver,and not plug their path. And they don't like people playing with their toys without consent.
Had the cop cleared the barrel before going into the school,and say the kid still touched his piece,would anything have happened? Would we hear about it?
Something went boom,and that makes the news. Let's not make the news.
Had he needed to use the pistol and tried to defend the school with an "empty pipe" he would have also made news. If one needs to carry a pistol, make it a pistol worth carrying. That means one ready to perform its intended purpose.

I'm helping my boy with a word search so must go. I have a Glock open-carry on my hip. Family isn't freaked by the presence of a pistol.
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