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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
I carried a 1911 and also a BHP while working, and would loved to have an G19 back then.
Both the 1911 and BHP were subject to caked mud/other wet crap blocking the hammer and safety from working at all, everything on both pistols seemed to rust up near overnight, regardless of how much oil we sloshed onto them.
The magazines on the 1911 were subject to rusting to the frame and being unable to remove them without a pry bar.
The 1911 and BHP mags would fill with water, and everything rusted up.
We drilled holes in the magazines, but then they clogged and rusted up nearly overnight.
Are you trying to hint that a 1911 is not the apex of perfection, reliability, and infallibility? Heresy I tell you!

All I'm really asking for here is a knife that will not jam and a unicorn that doesn't need sharpening. Will_Power
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