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Originally Posted by justashithead View Post
trouble is, shooting someone dead is creating a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
I understand that you are stupid, incompetent, and lazy. I understand that you eschew personal responsibility. I understand that you believe adding a manual safety to a double-action revolver will make it "safer".

Just because you are a fcking moron, doesn't mean everyone else is. Some people do not want a manual safety on their revolvers. So Glock remains the most popular handgun in the world, with almost half of all police forces in the USA using them.

I actually don't carry a Glock at all times. I have a Glock in arms reach in the bedroom, the office and the car. Also one in my go-bag. But the gun I carry anytime I'm wearing pants is a S&W Airweight .38. If I also wear a gun on my belt, the J frame becomes a secondary. I'd prefer to carry a G43 or 26, but it doesn't fit my front pocket as well. It has not active safety, although it does have a rebound safety. Despite it being so inherently dangerous, it has yet to do anything by itself.

I wonder, is it more or less dangerous than the Glock?
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