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It was a pleasure meeting so many of you guys. I'd heard Matt talk about this crazy group of FALfanatics for the last year, it was nice putting faces with names.

And as a Rockcastle ambassador, I sincerely appreciate you coming to KY and enjoying what this amazing place has to offer. I've been shooting competitions at Rockcastle for almost 9 years now, and with this match format, this was the first time I'd been to any of those places we shot on foot. (Usually spoiled riding from stage to stage in my Jeep.) I hope you all enjoyed your stay, the food at the lodge, a few drinks, and great company of like-minded individuals.

As a range officer- I saw a very adaptive group of shooters that conquered the challenges in unique ways. We had a few that duct taped their shoes to the feet, stored their handguns in zip lock bags, installed weapons lights on the clock, field striped and cleaned their handguns on the clock using water from their camelbak, found out just how annoying a strobe weapons light can be, and one that frantically searched for their scorecard, only for it to be returned to him by the next shooter that he ran across. All done while being safe playing with guns.

As a runner/shooter- This was the most physically challenging match I've attended. Downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill. I don't think the obstacles were as tough as the hills. (Except for maybe the tube, since I didn't know there was a rope in the left one, and I made it up the right one)

As a match director of other events- Well done, Matt. Very well done. Great planning and execution. I think the longest back up we had was about 10 min of wait time for a couple shooters because of a target going down on stage 2 and a couple runners staying together as a team. It ran so much smoother than I expected. I'm looking forward to next time.

I had a few people say I didn't look very dirty when I finished. From stage 3 to 5, it was raining so hard, as if I was running through a car wash. I think I even got the undercarriage high pressure spray.

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