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Will C
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Remington Model 11 Project - Dive In or Run Away?

Local guy is selling an old, well-used Model 11 that dates to 1913. Externally it's in fine shape and it still functions. However it has a couple of the usual problems: the recoil buffer is gone, and the bolt is cracked in a couple spots in the left rear quadrant. No chunks missing but I'm not sure if the hairline cracks merit bolt replacement? The buffer looks like a pain to replace, and I'm not sure how much trouble it is to swap out the bolt in one of these either. The parts are out there and it's a super cool old gun, it would be neat to get it out on the duck flats again (with some bismuth or tungsten perhaps). Guy is asking $150 for the old girl. What says the hive - go for it, or run away?
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