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I love Milt Sparks!!

Because I bought a package deal from a guy that was selling off his and his wife's almost new pistols, Glock 30, Glock 26, nite sights on both, 8 0r 10 mags, glasses, range bag, muffs, DeSantis holster for the 26 and a like new Milt Sparks holster for the 30,,,all for $800.

He was going to spend the money on guitar lessons. lol

Anyway, ebayed off the Sparks (don't remember the model, VM2??) for $175, well over retail because at the time there was a long backlog on delivery.

Then bought a Don Hume, M715 for $30. My favorite holster. Well made, easy on and off. Perfect right up front, for guys without a gut.

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