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I bought a NEARLY identical(diff grips and has tritium sights) pistol two weeks ago at teh Wichita Falls gun show...actually, I guess I stole it as the fellow walked by my table and aske dif I was interested in buying a 1911 and when he handed it to me, I recognized it as a Seecamp conversion...I asked what he wanted, he said $650, I offered $600 and he took it...I sold this piece in Ft Worth two days ago for $ is business.

I bought 20 of these frames from Gun Parts company back in the late 90's and built them into complete guns using parts from where ever i could get them...they are difficult to find those that were completed by Seecamp as most folks never let them go...

Even at $950, it is still a good deal, yours looks very of luck and a free bump.
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