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AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced NV Goggle

Since didn't get any feedback on previous post as been looking at potential Christmas presents have another. Have found quite a few of the newer generation *AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced NV Goggle that is both traditional starlight night vision technology and thermal vision sight in a single unit. Have been doing some research and thus far have learned it can be run as traditional Gen 3 starlight, current technology thermal vision or can "fuse" the two technologies so are using both at same time.

Apparently user can adjust the monocular (mounts on helmet just like traditional monoculars) so that they get best image possible for conditions based on mixing of the inputs so if suddenly a dust or smoke obscures view can twist up more thermal input and as any haze clears can adjust back toward starlight for better image clarity and detailed resolution. Don't know anyone that has used it and can really talk much about what they do but just reading manufacturer and dot mil claims. The unit has capability to upload view to the integrated battlefield so commanders can see what the soldier is viewing and they can send pictures or video clips to soldiers in field as needed.

The ATN PS15 Night Vision Goggles have been looking at are $5,000 street price at Gen 3 and resolution want. Regularly been seeing the AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced NV Goggle for $8,000 and recently had an oportunity to buy one at a price closer to what the ATN Goggles cost from a recently retired Army Ranger from the 7th Ranger Regiment and was a bit skittish over the "property of U.S. government" issues as had a Ranger leave a night vision monocular at my apartment after splitting up gear from a climbing trip and when called him said not to worry, just keep them nobody would care. I didn't feel good about it so drove them up to gate and he came down and retrieved them.

Less than 90 days later he and five of his close friends fell off the planet after misappropriation of government property. I was climbing almost every weekend with one of three out of the group and was asked questions to which I luckily knew nothing except the goggle I returned at the gate under the eye of witnesses. I buy lots of milsurp that I suspect is not legitimately acquired on fleabay but terms of fleabay say people can't sell equipment that is the property of dot gov, if caught loose their account and see lots of auctions pulled by fleabay and occasional vendors disappear. If it gets through their vetting, pay for it through PayPal using their rules of verified addresses and such so if deal goes south get money refunded.

Been buying huge amounts of USGI IOTV and other more specialized armor from fleabay vendors in Ukraine and Moldova which always comes through customs and lands at my door dirt cheap even with shipping if buy multiple units. Most of it is brand new and my best guess is Obama left warehouses full of the stuff plus I know 15,000 vests from Force One were ordered after the order to bring the troops home and landed on in Iraq as the last of the troops were leaving the coumtry. I figure every piece U.S. citizens buy is one less piece that ends up in hands of ISIS or Al Queda to be used against our troops and if fleabay and U.S. customs doesn't care then I will buy the stuff in bulk from my A list sellers.

So now I have two questions of importance. First is does anyone know how well this system works and is it good enough to warrant paying a couple extra grand for the monocular over a set of dual imaging tube Gen 3 goggles? Second question is what are the odds these units on fleabay and especially the ones am encountering at counter of LGS from guys mustering out are going to land someone in trouble? Like said, from fleabay have the PayPal safety net but some of the FTF deals that walk in on all sorts of personal gear are more likely improperly acquired? Have passed on several nice items in past few years from the withdrawal from Iraq and troops rotating home from Iraq.
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