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Originally Posted by 357ross View Post
I heard one story that Ryan had shelved this bill, then heard today that he is quietly fast tracking it onto another bill. Does anyone know for certain what's going on?
As of Wednesday 10/18

The mass media-driven Congressional gun control juggernaut seems to be slowing. It is noteworthy that the horribly vague and unconstitutional H.R. 3999 appears to now be stuck at just 25 co-sponsors—but it is frightening to see that 12 of them are Republicans. Hopefully the bill will die in committee.

Please keep up the pressure, folks. This fight is far from over! Please contact your Congressional Representative repeatedly (by phone and e-mail) and insist that he or she oppose ALL civilian disarmament legislation.

There are now a half dozen bills pending in Congress. SurvivalBlog reader Kevin A. sent me this summary list:

H.R. 3999: To prohibit parts that increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons (25 co-sponsors)
S. 1916: To prohibit possession/transfer of certain firearms/accessories (38 co-sponsors)
H.R. 3947: To prohibit possession/transfer of certain firearms/accessories (173 co-sponsors)
H.R. 3962: To require face-to-face purchase of ammunition, reporting of bulk ammo purchases (29 co-sponsors)
H.R. 4025: To require reporting sale of 2 or more handguns (3 co-sponsors)
H.R. 4052: To prohibit transfer/possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices (85 co-sponsors)

-copied from you can link to the different bills there.

Edit to add this

and this

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