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If anyone thinks...

That this can't get thru because DJT is in office, think again.

Just like most thought there was no way the ACA could pass because of the traitorous Roberts being in the SC.

How did that work out for us average folks?

If not directly, I can see this being some 'midnight rider' attached to some other bill, literally at the last moment.

People need to realize we have NO 'friends' amongst the PTB in this matter.

Also, if anyone thinks there will be no more 'incidents' because DJT is driving the bus, think again.

This garbage is well, fully, pervasively, and entirely ENTRENCHED in regards to these folks.

People need to realize, that they NEVER, EVER, stop. They are in it for the long game, and always will be. Both sides, will NEVER stop.

WE are THEIR informed and armed populace cannot be tolerated.

Sounds like foil, but it's not. Follow the money, follow their actual voting records, judge by their actions, not their rhetoric.

If by some miraculous intervention this does not pass this time, don't think they won't try again. The next 'incident' is just around the corner...and if they start placing 'hamburgered' kids on the evening news, that'll probably do it.


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