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The 98k as made from 1934 through 1945 never had a follower that did not stop the bolt. It is either from a gew98 , or has been modified by a bubba. The Gew98 and kar98a did not have a bolt hold open follower. Exception being in the Weimar period followers were cut so that they did stop the bolt when empty. Had a ce44 that was mostly mismatch with a pitted bore... but man could that thing shoot. Was one point , aim and hit rifle. Can't always judge a book by it's cover.

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I only have two, one made in 1939 and one made in 1944. Neither are what I would call clean, matching everything. I replaced the bolt on the 1939 rifle, still have the original bolt, because it was in sad shape, pitted badly.
Mine are shooter types, not pretty, not collectible for anyone other than me but very interesting to me alone. Both are very accurate in my opinion and fun to shoot with excellent bores.
The 1939 rifle has the stays open after the last round follower and the 1944 rifle has the tapered floor plate that allows the bolt to close. I wonder why this change was made, it seems better to me to have the bolt locked open if the rifle is empty. I was told the 1944 rifle was a bring back but there is no paperwork. The story was the rifle was brought back by grand father and been in the family for years. Everything matches except the trigger guard assembly. The 1939 rifle was supposed to be a Russian capture but all the proof marks are still intact. It looks as though it did experience the Russian dip treatment.
I did have a Julianna from Holland but like a dumb ass I traded it off for a Colt Gold Cup and cash. I have neither the Gold Cup, cash or the Julianna. I would like to get the Julianna back but that one is long gone now. In a time of remorse I bought one of the Mitchel, gag, short rifles that looks just like the Julianna but it falls short of the Belgian FN made Julianna’s slick as mole fur action. It is a handy little rifle and would never feel lacking while hiking around Montana.
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