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Originally Posted by gew98 View Post
I've not been much of a fan of HK type rifles... but hey that's me. Anyhow my son had to have a cetme he saw at knob creek . Was $800 and came with 21 mags - all parker finish cetme mags. Also came with a cetme mag loader. Klunky looking parker finished metal thing but it holds mags tight and is actually a pleasure to load mags with it.
It's a century build. I'm thinking my boy didn't get a deal ...but you know "kids"...they just gotta have that new thing. We shot 100 + rds of Malaysian surplus through it. Typical spongey goober trigger , and flings brass like a typical HK variant... though does not ding it up like the HK and PTR91 rifles I had years ago. Seemed not to have horizontal sight issues and was on target with issue sights .... just that lousy HK trigger pull. My son has been putting BLO on stock and handguard....yeah he likes it. Anyone know where surplus cetme slings can be had ?.
You can replace that Cetme pack with a tuned HK trigger pack and safety lever and get a very nice trigger, it's well worth the exchange. The first hit in Google for Cetme slings was CAI itself for <$6.
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