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Bought my first CETME a few years ago after asking questions here and doing a good Q.C. on the rifle. Passed all specs so pitched in truck and rode around till one day found myself working on a large logging/grading site and no workers. Loggers were done, graders almost done but too wet to make mud holes so all equipment was parked in corner of lot and supervisor was watching service guy grease all the machines. Asked if o.k. to shoot and said long as none of his machines got hurt could care less. Had over 200 acres logged and 2/3 at some form of grading so had 20 foot steps of red clay as back stops in places, stumps and all kinds of exposed rocks and dirt clods to bust.

Had about 400 rounds of ZQI in truck and after running all but last two boxes so had a pair of loaded magazines to get me home and had been busting dirt clods and rocks out to 250 yards like free and stumps to 400 yards could skin the bark off them without effort. Slung brass like a champ and ran as smooth as my H&K 91/G3's near as could tell. Was stunned as don't run iron sights except with Boy Scouts shooting rimfire or a few of my target rifles and M1a's. All the trash talk about the drunken monkey built rifles and I was suprised.

Have not let a CETME get by without doing a good Q.C. on it. Now have five and three shoot excellent with other two meeting all minimum acceptable standards of accuracy. All run 100% reliable and have been purchased at fair prices. Rule now is look at all I see, do a quality control check on specs with good visual inspection and if can negotiate a good price bring them home. Have only shot an HK once since adopted the fleet of CETME's. May need to get a couple of the parts kits for spare parts. May get a wild hair and build one but have so many AR, 1911, 10/22 and FAL projects piled up chasing deals on drunken monkey builds may be best choice but a few parts kits, pick out best and see if using the one CETME I call the least accurate of the group as a donor build a kit on it and see if have a better rifle. Anyone have an aftermarket barrel recommendation?
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