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Originally Posted by MAINER View Post
That's too bad because, as it turns out, I am not real fond of DBMs either.

I'm OK with the one I have, but don't want another. It has the advantage of being easily loaded or unloaded, handy if you live in a state like mine that doesn't permit loaded guns in vehicles. Someone mentioned keeping a backup Mag loaded with alterative loads, not sure that appeals to me, but others might think it a plus.

The DBM has the disadvantage of not being able to top-off the magazine and if you drop it in the lake or over the canyon rim, you got a single shot rifle. Reloading limits the OAL to fit inside the mag. whereas the standard magazine generally allows bullets seated closer to the lands and better accuracy.
I found spare DBM mags on sale at CDNN and they were still $40 for a five shot mag.

The used gun rack seems to be the best hope for a moderately priced Mauser type rifle these days. They even screwed the CZ 550 over now it seems.
I had a 550 in .243--wish I still had it. Now they have a bunch of pushfeeders, the 557. Ugh!
I think the only 550 they make is the Mannlicher in .30-06. Beautiful rifle. May get on--had iron sights and their cool built in to the receiver scope mount.
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