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Poly-Tech M14

Hot-fal, A G.I. op rod spring should be o.k. on a chinese spring guide. The inner diameter of the chinese spring is just a little smaller than the G.I. spring. Sometimes, this is a problem when using a National Match Spring Guide. I am using a G.I. spring with a Chinese Spring Guide. I have had no problems.

By the way, I currently have 2 Polys. Back in '93 I installed a lot of G.I. Parts on my first one. The receiver, barrel, crown nut, flash suppressor, set screw, gas cylinder lock, bolt lock/pin and the charger guide/pin are the remaining Chinese parts. It came with a regular slotted flash suppressor. Parts were affordable back then! The rest of the Chinese parts were replaced with G.I. parts. My second poly was left (except for the op rod spring) with its factory original parts. It also came with a slotted flash suppressor. Both of these rifles have been used a lot. I wanted to compare the two to see how fast the Chinese would wear out. Well, the Chinese one is wearing as well as the one with G.I. parts. I have not had any problems at all with either. Neither one fails the 7.62 mm "no go" headspace gage. So, I wouldn't rush out and start replacing parts until they start to wear. Parts nowdays are very expensive. Just my opinion and your mileage may vary.

I have inspected several Polys over the years. They all passed the checklist. I personally have not seen one fail. I have seen Springfield Armory m14s fail as well as Federal Ordinance. Lots of Fed Ord. So, enjoy your Poly. Regards, Johnny Lawson
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