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Originally Posted by mike law View Post
Glad that your flash hider weld was easy to remove. Luckily for us, I don't think that the weld was meant to be real strong. Notice that the crown nut is not welded and the weld thru the two holes is very weak.

If you are looking for spare parts for your Polytech, check with Smith Enterprises in Arizona (Phoenix Area). I bought some parts from Ron Smith (owner). I got the parts that do not interchange (gas cylinder lock, crown nut, etc). He also had bolts, barrels, gas systems and other parts. The parts that I received had little to no wear on them, fit perfectly and were priced reasonably.
Hope this helps. Regards, Johnny Lawson
I sent him two e-mails and have not had any luck getting info on it..I do want a spare Bolt or at least a firing pin..I heated the rifle up at sundown saturday..not shooting far-enough for the tracers to be very pretty..The flash was minimal..The mags were running good...So i had a big smile..
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