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[QUOTE=mike law;3487000]. Just below the raised lugs, you should see evidence of a drilled hole - 1 hole just below each lug. These holes will be filled with weld. I believe that the fake flash suppressor is installed and then welded to the barrel by welding thru these holes. The outside weld is then ground down and the finish applied. From the outside, this weld job is very, very hard to see. This is not a good weld and is easy to overcome. After removing the very soft allen screw and loosening the crown nut, place a piece of wood on the rear of the sight and tap with a hammer or mallet. It does not take much force to break the weld. Loosen the crown nut and slide the suppressor forward until it comes off. I have spoken to folks who have removed the suppressor and they did not realize that it was welded on. They said that they removed the suppressor " the regular old way". So, maybe the weld did not take or the weld was so bad that barrel vibrations from shooting caused the weld to break. If you have the un-bobbed fake flash suppressor, take a look at it . Let us know what you find. End of quote..
The flashhider was not welded, the two holes weld did not penatrate???It was very tight, but slid off..The nut left perfect clean threads..Now the entire assy is back and looking good, It took hours to cut the holes, that metal is pretty few shots should tell the tale on it.. sure hope it does not split, as it looks nice..should be effective too..
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