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Originally Posted by Hot-fal View Post
Well, I have been flebayin and still don't have a nice replacement stock..Would like to have a synthetic one for accurizing, but with current events around owning military type rifles..I might have to lay low on acquisiton of future parts..I thought freds stocks might have a decent one?? Ideas? Okay sent ina order with Freds stocks, really hope for a nice Birch one of the pair...Any body tryed to remove a weld from a parade bolt head?? I have tryed to find a spare, with out selling my car for the payment???
Okay, Freds is slow, but I will be patient, maybe one of them will be pretty stock? Week-end gun show did not have any m-14 bolts or firing pins. fleabay was a bust on bid, as i refuse to be badly greased with a smile..
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