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Smile Poly Tech M14

HOT FAL, I have observed on Norinco and Poly Tech M14's that the trigger housing, operating rod and bolt are marked with a number. The trigger housing number is engraved and the operating rod and bolt are electric pencil marked. Most of the rifles that I have seen have the same number on all three parts. This number is NOT the same number as the serial number of the rifle. Some rifles do not have matching numbers on these parts. The trigger housing is marked on the top right edge on its left side. The bolt is marked on the bottom of the bolt body, on its right side, on the flat area. The operating rod is marked on the top of the dished out area that almost touches the bottom of the barrel. The trigger housing marking is usually easy to see. The operating rod and bolt markings can be very faint and hard to see. I had thought that these markings were an "assembly number". That is a number applied to parts that are hand fitted to an assembly to ensure that they go back to the same assembly in case they get separated. This marking usually takes place before the rifle serial number has been assigned and stamped. This method was used in Europe and Japan to make sure that the correct parts stayed together during the fabrication, assembly (headspace, trigger pull, op. rod fitment, etc.), and rework/repair (if necessary)of a firearm during its build up process.

However, I was told by an expert that this was not what these numbers are for on Norinco and Polytech rifles. The expert did not tell me what he thought the number marking was for. I still think this marking is an "assembly number". It may not matter. I just feel better if these 3 numbers match.

These are good rifles. I own several and shoot them a lot. I have inspected them for other shooters. In my 14 years of using them, I have had no problems. I have heard of other people having issues, but have not been able to actually track a problem to ground. Not that there have not been problems. Anyway , hope this helps. Regards, Johnny Lawson
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