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Run the mated areas of the floating chamber and barrel wet with CLP.
After 100 rounds or so, juice the seam between those 2 parts again by drizzling some CLP at the ejection port while the gun is in battery. Repeat every 100 rounds or every range session until you hit north of 500 rounds, then it is time to strip and clean.

Mags can be substituted with GSG (German) 10 round 1911 / 22 mags at less than 1/3 the cost of Colt mags. You lose the last round hold open function with the GSG mags, but they are reliable. These are a totally different design than OEM Colt mags. Nobody has ever made a good Colt mag copy.

You need a #2 slide stop and a good bend on the extractor, plus a 14# recoil spring (Wolff Gunsprings).

Good luck!

An example of the mags you want and can find them on sale for under $30.
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