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A set of chamber casts which are dirt simple (remember to number each) to do would tell the story real fast once measured. Could use about any cobbled up run out gauge or even a micrometer to see if bad out of round. I want to know if this is a constant problem with multiple brands of ammo or has it been fired a few times from same lot of ammo. Pictures of the blemish in chamber and split cases would tell a lot.

38 special would not chamber in a 38 S&W and have no references saying Rossi made a 38 S&W. I did come across a 500 round box of factory loaded 38 S&W in my hoard a while back and still scratching my head where it came from. Hade to be one of the estates took all the guns and related items off widows hands. Everyone keep spreading the myth that Charter Arms, Taurus and Rossi quality sucks and I will keep buying them cheap.

Do have to stone the trigger sometimes and a couple had some timing issues but believe those were due to operator error not poor building. I have to work on $1,000 1911's new out of box and other "nice" guns but will take Taurus/Rossi steel over some of these new name brand U.S. made polymer frame wheel guns coming out. Wife has a Rossi 38 under seat of her truck as travelling now along with a pair of AMT 380 Backups scattered around cab in case she is getting something out of cooler on passenger side at rest area and primary is on other side of truck.

In the old days we called them "tackle box guns" or "tool box guns" which are functional guns can leave in bottom your tackle box or tool bag and leave till bullets corrode and fire them, clean gun, reload and put back in tackle box or tool box. We have sock drawer guns, kitchen drawer guns, motorcycle guns, truck guns, toolbox guns, etc that are found a pawn shops cheap, gone over, loaded and pitched some odd place to stay 20 years in case boogeyman jumps out when least expect.

I would eliminate ammo issue first. Hot handloads in worn out cases over-crimped with heavy roll crimp? Have a hard time believing an out of round chamber that couldn't eyeball due to being so bad would split cases as believe they would expand and contract then be slightly out of round. Maybe someone tried to hone them? How is timing on gun? Could it be so out of time outside edge of bullet is hitting edge of forcing cone causing issue?

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