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Originally Posted by ALL FAL View Post
I like my rifles to shoot right, all of them and especially a New One! The POS flag comes out every time I see one of those, then, just this thread will keep me from buying one.

Like you didn't have trouble with your FAL when it was new?

Hope you guys enjoy yours though. BigBoys real one probably shoots decent.
Didn't buy the rifle to do bench rest shooting. The rear sight thing I can live with. I have read that GSG left the front sight a little high so they could be adjusted for the individual shooter. Dunno if that is true is not. I can't blame the gun for the bent rear sight slider. That was my fault for not securing the gun better.

Mine has been 100% on everything else. I have 7 mags and they all function flawlessly. This is fun gun to shoot and it is a damn sight cheaper than the real thing, if you can even find the real thing. I have not dealt with ATI but I understand their customer service is great. I will see.

Don't short sell the gun because of a rather simple sight problem it is fixable with very little work. And don't short sell the gun because I was stupid and let mine hit the ground. It is a VERY close copy to the original STG44 and the tall rear sight may have been one of the flaws of the original design.

I understand what you say about the big boys. I am a Big Boy and if I had 25 grand to buy an original, I would not hesitate. But I don't so I compromise and buy a $700.00 clone. Different strokes I guess.
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