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Went to the range today to certify my Middle Brother in law for a CMP Garand purchase. My nephew went along and I certified him also. I took my STG 44 with us so my nephew could shoot it. He was having trouble with scattering bullets all over the target. I went to adjust the rear sight slider and I discovered it was bent. The gun fell one day and landed on where else, but the rear sight. I guess it got bent then. I am calling ATI tomorrow to see if they can send me a new one. Other than this and the higher than normal adjustment for the rear sight, mine has been flawless.

LtRiker, you did not have to move the slider forward to get it to zero? Man that is great. Maybe they fixed the problem. I will ask them.

I am not sure if I would have converted the wooden crate or not. That could add dollars to the gun if you ever sell it. Kind of like having the original cardboard box. I took mine and just put it my work room.

Glad your gun worked great. Just be careful, they seem to be a little fragile.
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