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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
They seem to be waking up, a good sign, they now want Merkle gone before the next election.

I had a chance over the holidays to speak with several friends in Germany, Germans, and they all tell me, the winds of change are blowing and all is not yet lost.

But they all also added, those damned French are still causing shit and stupid.

When the Germans I know begin speaking well of the French, which none are, then I'll be worried all is lost in Germany.
Germans wake up fairly slow, politically seen.

The problem is, there are way too many political opportunists around in Germany, those that just want to get their names in the paper, regardless for what kind of crap they are spouting off.

Most of those opportunists only got one game plan, and that's being in the public eye, that's all. Common sense ? Never heard of. Working for the people? Never heard of. Making sense when they talk? Never heard of either...

Merkel should have been gone a long time ago, or never been elected. To me she is unfit for public office.

There are a few French that I care for, but generally speaking, they've got the same weak gov't after the other, and even after centuries, they only got a caricature of a democracy.
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