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Originally Posted by moonbat60 View Post
Just looking at it from the historical aspect:

The muzzies invaded Spain around 711- 718 AD and southern France later, and were defeated by the Franks under Charles Martel in 732 AD.

The last invasion of the Ottoman Turks (muzzies) culminated in the siege and battle of Vienna in 1683.

If European politicians would have read their history books, they would be more up to speed about that the muzzie religion is not a religion of peace and prosperity, but one of violence, conquest, slavery and oppression.

Modern day example given: the Yazidis in Iraq.

Also, I cannot understand why a number of African Americans are turning towards Islam. In my opinion they are just looking for new slave masters, or do they expect that they would come out on top? Not by a long shot.
Friends tell me that are tuned into this, and run from it like their ass is on fire, that it is like a cult, that teaches them how to dress, think, behave, it has uniforms, they are part of something larger than themselves, and they gain a pride in themselves they've never felt before. They also accept anyone that will turn over all facets of their life to the big man in charge.

To me, it just looks like another form of modern day slavery, but to each his own, so long as they don;t bother me or mine.
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