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The Constitution never foresaw the abdication of responsibility by the Congress to the Deep State, a deep state that makes up its own laws, rules and regulations.

It is an ongoing court battle over that general issue, and that has been somewhat decided in favor of the EPA.......... to say **** you to the Congress.

So Trump is killing off the EPA, and has cancelled thousands of regulations created by the deep state Agencies, and not written by Congress.

The only thing you can do, to a mad cow disease ridden set of fucks, is to chop off their heads, and authority.

The founders saw the NECESSITY of the electoral College, to say "**** you assholes", to the rabble.

Denying the communists in the cities the ability to destroy us by force of numbers IS good. No extra legal accommodations have to be made to them, like freedom from drug laws, or freedom from jail time, or freedom from Immigration laws. Given the stick or the carrot, the stick works best, as human history tells us.

The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact in the end, as goon may hint at, but a method for men to try a new way to govern themselves without a King for life.

Truth be known the urban assholes want a King like Obama; confirming George Washington's greatest fears of the cities back in 1796, and that was before the former slaves descendants got the vote, or the women.

Nope, we adhere to the Constitutions vision and only try to fix it at our own peril, like the 14th amendment that got so fucked up, or Prohibition the woman's law.
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