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Originally Posted by goon View Post
To my knowledge, Trump hasn’t violated the Constitution. I didn’t say he had. The only reason his name is in the discussion is because he’s the president. It could be Obama, GW, or Randy the Magician. That’s the point - the Constitution applies to everyone, every time. It doesn’t care what your name is.

This question is the reason I joined the discussion.

If - IF - a president declared an emergency to prevent Reps and Senators elected by the People from taking office, that would be unconstitutional.
My comments do not say anything about keeping duly elected politicians from taking
office. I said the resultant elections could force Trumps next Supreme Court pick
to be held up until after the 2020 elections. It was sort of a tongue in cheek don't jump off the building over it. We did stall out one of theirs but
but abama got to radical leftists both women in.
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