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Originally Posted by Thorack View Post

Im waiting for the product improved 806 which is supposed to come out next year IIRC. The whole not being able to remove bolt without driving out a roll pin that is not recommended to be removed at the user level killed the 805 for me. Still a great rifle but will get better with the 806.

I like the 806 improvements, but also keeping an eye out for the HK433. I've shot a 805 and love it, but the charging handle reciprocating kinda kills it for me [w/its location]. The 806 [& 807]will likely be a couple years out and not this yr or next yr as they said at SHOT...its such a good rifle they keep on getting military contracts, so the are backlogged already to fulfill those orders.

The 805 is very reminiscent of my ACR, but the balance is better and overall weight is pretty much the same. I will give CZ big props on their machining quality too. I only got to shoot ~600rds through 805, but those are my general impressions.
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