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My first mini-bike was a 3 1/2 hp through Sears and Roebuck. It was $99.95 in the catalog and $118.00 when delivered. My dad was impressed I saved $100 through my work and allowance that he took the delivery. This was 1972. He paid me $2.00 per week working on our farm. I worked after school, sometimes before school, and on weekends. I go onto eBay and can still find that bike.

We outfitted a hog farm, at our height rated in the top 10% producers in North Carolina, from augers, feeders, waterers, and a hammermill grinder for grain using the Sears and Roebuck Farm Catalog. This stuff wasn't cheapo Chinese shit, that hammermill was rated 75hp direct drive. My dad got a deal on a 40hp induction-repulsion motor (cool as all hell to hear it spool up), which he halved the 3600rpm using pulleys to get the rpm correct for the mill. It would bog sometimes, but we didn't have the money for a 75hp motor.

Grain silos, grain dryers, everything was there. And if you needed help, you could call someone in Chicago that knew the equipment you were looking at.
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