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I would say that Sears in finished ... they are screwing their customers

Our two-year-old Kenmore (Sear's) refrigerator quit working. We had a repair man look it over and said that the parts are LG and no longer made. Well, thankfully it is winter and we have a spare refrigerator in the garage. We placed the food items in the outside refrigerator and the freezer and some in coolers in the garage were it's below freezing. Good to keep old appliances as spares just in case.

After running around with Sears (we have the 10 year warranty) they say they have no one in our area and refuse to honor the warranty. Of course sears is effectively bankrupt anyway and are closing more stores today no less. So now we handed off to the lawyer to deal with it. One thing is certain tho. No more purchases from Sear's or Kmart ... ever. They are really no longer in business as far as I am concerned. One repairman says he may be able to get a LG compressor but not sure. May even cost as much as a new refrigerator anyway.

Moral of the story ... keep your old appliances as back ups "just in case".
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