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Originally Posted by meltblown View Post
I remember back in the day when damn near everything you had came from Sears. Kenmore appliances, tools, clothes, toys, etc. It was a treat to go there before they had malls. Remember the candy and nut counter and having a dollar to get cashews and those jelly slices. You could spend hours looking through the catalog the month before Christmas dropping hints for what you wanted. It's ironic that their business model was unique for decades with the catalog sales and shipping to your home and a forerunner of the web shopping model.

It won't be long whenl you see Macys and others drop off the radar as well.
And at that time there were people lamenting how the big evil Sears was pushing the little local ma & pop stores out of business. Then the malls. Then Walmart. Now Amazon.

Gotta hate the now and reminisce about the past. Everybody does it.
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