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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
Well done. That is called "treating everyone equally".

If a store has a no gun policy, there can't be exemptions. Exemptions = discrimination. But neither cop nor gun owner is a protected class.

"On duty" doesn't mean shit.

"in the execution of his official duties" does.

The bigger question, I think, is why does the corrupt cop think he can do personal shopping when he's on duty? He's either on duty and needs to be doing his job, or he's not on duty, and he has no privileges of office.
For once I ALMOST completely agree with you.

So long as that cop has his radio on and is ready and willing to drop his new phone and go respond I have no issues with him shopping.

He's got to be somewhere doing something between calls. Might as well be there vs hassling the public or wandering in and out of other stores.

the rest I absolutely agree with. Including not needing their response.
My Glock works, I don't need a cop except a couple hours later to write up the report (Which is good because that's about how long it would take to get one out to me!)

As a Vol first responder I know the county has ONE deputy on duty at night.... and they don't spend without in BFE with me!
I notice no one ever debates whether a .30 is an adequate stopper...
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