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Originally Posted by Abominog View Post
No guns means no guns. I can’t carry a cop doesn’t need to carry either.

I just hope that you are not going to be like all the other POS's libs that don't like cops but yell their asses off when the cops don't show up when they call. Then turn around and try to sue them for doing their job.

Unfortunately, in today's times, you can't have it both ways.

Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
Well done. That is called "treating everyone equally".

If a store has a no gun policy, there can't be exemptions. Exemptions = discrimination. But neither cop nor gun owner is a protected class.

"On duty" doesn't mean shit.

"in the execution of his official duties" does.

The bigger question, I think, is why does the corrupt cop think he can do personal shopping when he's on duty? He's either on duty and needs to be doing his job, or he's not on duty, and he has no privileges of office.
In most States, LEO's are exempt from concealed carry laws, with the exemption written in the statutes.
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