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But what if your new boots fail right out the door...or a week after that....never say never. Perfect example, my Zamberlan hunting boots, they are a great brand, Italian for those unfamiliar. The model I had is that chosen by the SF types here for Afghanistan/Iraq (they went on to be issue to anyone deployed). Retail, about $450 a pair (I have three pairs, a working pair, a pair broken in and a NIB pair). The working pair were getting pretty shabby so when we went to New Zealand hunting last year I figured I would use the broken in pair, they had not been flogged, around town and my practice hikes with pack and rifle for the trip. Got dropped in and an hour after the chopper departed the sole on the right boot de-laminated 1/2 way up a ridge. Best laid plans of mice and men I guess... fortunately I was able to make use of the single tube of superglue my mate had with him. And they got through the trip....but still, you can't plan for that but you still need a clue as to how one will fix it.
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You could do some searching and find a nice TLC and do the same thing, still saving a bunch of $$ and end up with a nice, comfortable CAPABLE rig...
(Jiminy Christmas, did I just recommend a 'yota?!!??)
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